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Event Writeup – Alternative Art Night 26 May 23

We held another one of our Alternative Art Nights at our Cowes Coffee House on 26 May 2023. Each time we hold this event we get to meet and find out about some great local artists and their work. And of course, there were lots of lovely Comicoffee treats to enjoy too.

About the Artists

Small Island Scribbler

Steve from Small Island Scribbler had his lovely work out on display. Steve's work often features lined geometric patterns with caricature faces – the combination creates a fascinating and intriguing experience that draws you in to discover an interesting juxtaposition of dream-like imagery.

Idol Mind

Gaz from Idol Mind was at the event displaying his pop culture art, stickers and badges. If you are a fan, there is always lots of great new art ideas coming from Gaz. In particular, we really liked the rather irreverent F**k Pollution picture (you can see it if you zoom in a bit).

Made 4 Keeping

Sarah from Made 4 Keeping was displaying some very lovely art work, which has a really interesting 'Isle of Wight twist'. Sara is resurrecting lost Isle of Wight words such as 'Mallyshag' for a caterpillar, or 'Ineyuns' for onions, combined with a lovely drawing and elements of Isle of Wight maps. Her pictures are a unique celebration of Isle of Wight culture.


And finally we had Dan Digby from DRDcomicART. A long standing friend of Comicoffee, Dan often runs our kids comic drawing events. And it's Dan's skill at comic art that is really going up a league with the recent release of his first published comic book. The book, called 'Hardcore Hare', really is a treat to behold – the artwork is superb. And we should all watch this space – we think Dan is really going places with his new venture. Hardcore Hare is available to buy at some Isle of Wight outlets and perhaps you ought to snap up one of these first editions before he achieves superstar status!

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