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Fiver Fest – Coffee* and Cake for a Fiver!

Did you know about Fiver Fest? Well, it's a scheme run by a national organisation called Totally Locally, that aims to promote and support independent local businesses. It's tough times of course, post COVID, cost-of-living crisis and crazy politics, not to mention the internet giants taking business away from our high street shops. Totally Locally aim to help redress this imbalance – you can find out more at

The idea is quite simple – promote local businesses and help local shoppers by doing a simple little £5.00 deal that everyone can benefit from.

So, because at Comicoffee we're up for most things, we're offering 'coffee* and cake for a fiver' at any of our Coffee Houses. So hey, why not come along, take advantage of the offer, and enjoy a treat with us.

Big Love – Team Comicoffee

Coffee choices (*), regular americano, cappuccino, latte, flat white. Offer ends 16 July 2022.

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