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Retro Gaming Night 21 May 2022


"Wow, what an evening. It was great to be back with our Retro Gaming night last night. So much fun had by all, lots of great games, awesome food & drink and lots of laughs. It was the first time that we ran this event at our Cowes store and it went down a treat, with lots of space for all our teams to show off their Gaming skills. The start of the night saw many teams score some high points in our gaming zones. Space Invaders was intense at times, with pressure from both the aliens and the soundtrack that many of us recalled from the late 70s/early 80s!

At the half time break, all our teams were in touching distance of each other points wise, so some delicious Homemade Curry and more refreshments provided a relaxing interval.

Then in round two we saw all the teams grabbing as many points they could in the race to win the evenings Comicoffee Gold Cup. Mortal Kombat II on the arcade machine was brutal to all – reminding everyone how hard it was back in the day! As the competition came towards the end, teams were tactfully playing their Golden ticket (an extra free play) at crucial times, in one final effort to be amongst the prizes.

So, congratulations to our winners for the evening who were…

In first place – Team 'Marzipan x 3'

In second place was our previous event winner – Team 'Wonky Dong'

And in third place was Team 'Old Enough to know Better'.

A huge well done to all of our teams for taking part in a great evening. Keep an eye on our website and social media for our next Retro Gaming Event."

Retro Gaming Night 21 May 2022: Locations
Retro Gaming Night 21 May 2022: Pro Gallery
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