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Events at Comicoffee

At Comicoffee, we just love our events. The buzz is fab – we have lots of fun and they're always a great way to make new friends. Games, something to eat, and on some nights a cheeky little cocktail to add a bit of spice!

Some events are a little more serious too. Like our Warhammer nights and our Tuesday morning business club. Warhammer nights are perfect if you're into playing Warhammer or painting your warrior collection – indeed we usually have some 'expert painters' to hand to share some great tips on model painting. Or if you're running a small business then perhaps come along on a Tuesday morning and have a quick coffee and swap ideas with other local business folk.

When we have a bigger evening event like our retro-gaming or art nights, we set out the whole cafe for the evening and have lots of staff at hand (who have fun too). The Coffee bar is open and we usually have food available – perhaps a range of items from our usual menu or a special on, like a curry. And as we've already hinted, sometimes we have a licence for the night with plenty of beer, wine and cocktails available.

So please check out all our up-coming events below.

  • Space Marines and Coffee Machines (free event)
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, 05 Jun
    Comicoffee West Cowes
    05 Jun, 17:30 – 19:30
    Comicoffee West Cowes, 7-8 The Arcade, Cowes PO31 7AR, UK
    A great series of hobby events at Comicoffee