Comicoffee Menus

The essence of the Comicoffee experience is the food and drink that we serve you. From great coffee and awesome milkshakes, to hot soup, panini and our house speciality of sweet and savoury waffles. So whatever you might fancy, including lots of vegetarian and vegan options, we're confident you will find something you love at Comicoffee.

We pride ourselves in making great coffee

Making a good cup of coffee is really  important to us. Using freshly ground Island Roasted coffee, temperatures and pressures exactly right, milk steamed to perfection – it's this level of detail that is critical to ensure a rich, smooth coffee. And such care is applied every single time we make a coffee, to make sure that you, the customer, is always satisfied.

coffee pow.jpeg

We're passionate about our food

We take a great deal of care about the 'design and preparation' of our food. It might sound quite simple on the menu, a salad bowl or a waffle, but the quality of ingredients, balance of flavours and how it's put together is very important. Take our waffles for example – the waffle is light and fluffy and cooked to perfection, the savoury waffles are a delightful experience and the sweet waffles are bursting with flavour and yet not too sweet. 

And our salad bowls are fresh, healthy, balanced and again bursting with flavour. And for a more traditional snack, like our panini, we still make sure it's a real good panini.

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