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Gift Cards and Vouchers

We all love to give

Our gift cards and vouchers are great for giving in different ways.

  • If you are in one of our coffee houses you can buy a 'paper' gift card over the counter, which can be redeemed  for anything from the menu or in-store Merch.

  • You can use this website to buy an eGift Card for anyone on the planet who has an email address. The eGift Card is redeemed, by your loved one, by purchasing on this website any of the Coffee House or superhero Merch (not clothing), or a 'Coffee and Cake' Voucher.

  • Coffee and Cake Vouchers enable you to buy a voucher online, or redeem an eGift Card online, for a delicious nosh-up at any of our coffee houses. Nice! 

Gift Cards and Vouchers: Locations
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