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Comicoffee Loyalty Cards

Our Coffee Houses are, fundamentally, when you get down to it, bottom line, about a great cup of coffee.

We use an Island Roasted medium roast espresso. It's a Central American blend of 70 % El Salvador San Ernesto and 30% Guatemala Primavera Family from the Huehuetenago region, giving a rich fruitiness balanced off nicely with a little acidity.

And no matter how you like your coffee – a Flat White, Americano or Cappuccino perhaps, it's usually the first one of the day that really hits the spot isn't it? At least, that's how it is for us here.

So, if you come in regularly for that lovely favourite coffee of yours, you really should grab a loyalty card, get it stamped up each time, and after nine stamps you get the tenth drink free. On us. As a thank you.

Oh by the way, if you really must, you can use the loyalty card for tea too.

Big Love

Team Comicoffee

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