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Retro Gaming at Comicoffee

It's well known among our core clientele that part of the Comicoffee vibe is our love of retro games. And from time to time, we get all the old games and consoles out, and have ourselves a retro gaming night. These are ticketed events, with drinks and a curry to keep us going, and we make it a competition with prizes, to keep everyone excited.

But the first key thing in any of this, are the games themselves. So as an example, here's the back story about the four games that we used for our last retro gaming night on 27 January 2023 They really are worth talking about... as a trip down memory lane.

The Games

1. Time Crisis – Project Titan

This game dates from around 2001 and is played on a Play Station One. It is a relatively basic shooting game but one that requires proper aiming with the gun handset, and quick wits to move out of hiding and hit the enemy characters.

2. Pac-Man

Pac-Man was first released way back in 1980 in Japan, on those big arcade consoles. You may remember the original simple synthesiser soundtrack that went like this... Pac-Man tune . We play the game on a Nintendo Entertainment System dating from around 1986. And it still is a great and very addictive game. When we have our retro-gaming nights, this is the one that most people remember.

In this picture you can see an intense moment as one of the challengers attempts a good round, with one of the Comicoffee staff keeping a good eye on proceedings and keeping score.

3. Ridge Racer 7

This game was released for the Play Station 3 in 2006. Gameplay centres on driving a racing car around a tight circuit and employing large amounts of 'drift' in the corners to maintain high speed and set good lap times. And this game is played using a gaming steering wheel for a much more involving experience.

4. Street Fighter 2

Your classic hand-to-hand combat game that was first released on arcade machines in early 1991, then later that year, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Street Fighter 2 was considered one of the best video games of the 1990's, and its success changed the direction of video gaming by significantly enhancing the sheer numbers of gamers, (particularly in the US), and profitability of the genre.

In this picture you can see that the game is being played on an authentic tube TV. It's small for sure, but that helps re-create that authentic retro feeling.

A Comicoffee Retro Gaming Night

So, on Friday 27 January, 2023, in our Newport Coffee House we set out all the games, lined up the cocktail shakers and added the final touches to the homemade curry. Everyone arrives and they divide up into four teams as follows:

Team One – No Social Lives

Team Two – Pac-Prats

Team Three – Danger Wink

Team Four – Team Marzipan x 3

At the kick-off, it started out pretty evenly as the teams rotated around the games for the first time. Some were a little rusty for sure, but everyone's aim soon came in. Our trusty staff kept score, and order, as emotions, beers and cocktails started flowing nicely. After the first rounds, our MC (Matt, of course), announced that the curry was ready and everyone enjoyed the tasty food. Then it was back to it for the final straight as the teams mounted up the pressure, and jeering, on each other. The gap between first and last place was only 8 pints right up until the nail biting end. And then it was over, and the final results were:

Team Marzipan x 3 were the winners, with Danger wink second, No Social Lives third, and bringing up the rear gallantly were Pac-Prats. There was lots more cheering and jeering, Matt gave out the prizes and everyone decided to have one more cheeky cocktail. Then everyone went home, quietly humming that Pac-Man tune.

But hey, if you missed out on this gaming night, fear not. We will be having another one soon so keep your eyes glued to this website and social media for the next dates and tickets.

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