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Comicoffee Warhammer Nights

Our Comicoffee Warhammer Nights, or as we like to call them, "Space Marines and Coffee Machines" events, have been a great success in 2022. So hey, we'll be doing a lot more in 2023! As the events have been increasing in popularity, we have seen how the various interests of the group have been developing. And it's the model making and model painting that's been really grabbing people's attention.

At the last event of 2022, one of our guiding experts, Sam Blakeley, explained that it's not only Warhammer modelling that they work on, there's plenty of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) miniatures being painted too, as well as people's own 3-D printed models. Indeed, Sam says "there's a growing interest in 3-D printing that enables the making of all sorts of little enhancement pieces to add to existing Warhammer and D&D models".

There have been lots of improvements in people's painting skills too. Whereas older oil-based paints tend to create big blobs of bright colour, our experts have been showing how modern water-based paints can be layered in a much more subtle way to leave the finest contours visible, and create shading for a much more realistic end result.

Other recent conversations have been about the news that the actor Henry Cavill has announced that he is backing a new Warhammer 40,000 movie franchise. It's early days yet in the production planning apparently, but certainly all our Warhammer enthusiasts are thrilled at the prospect of such a huge development on the Warhammer scene.

Anyway, back to model making and painting... With such high levels of concentration, magnifying glasses, and the tiniest of paint brushes, some really great creations have been materialising. We though you ought to see some of them... Oh, and the next Warhammer night is 16th Jan at our West Cowes Coffee House, click below for full details.

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