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Laptops for Ukrainians

Here at Comicoffee, we always look for ways to help our Isle of Wight community. Whether its other small businesses, a school sports team or people who are in need, we try and do our part. So, we have agreed to support an important local initiative to help supply donated laptops to Ukrainian refugees coming to the Isle of Wight.

A group of charity-minded folk and computer enthusiasts have got together with local authorities to set up a system to collect and refurbish donated laptops and tablets for the Ukrainian families that have come to the Isle of Wight. The provision of a laptop or tablet enables a lot of essential stuff – family video calls, important business and personal emails, children's education and news from home. So far, the project has provided over 50 laptops and tablets. But more are needed.

If you are able to donate a used laptop or tablet to this great cause, then we have agreed that the Comicoffee Cafe's at West Cowes, East Cowes and Newport will function as drop-off points for anyone to leave their donated laptops and tablets. We will keep them safe and secure and get them delivered to the charity (usually within two days).

To find out how it all works (including how your old hard drive is replaced with a new solid state drive) then please check out the group's website here:

Love from team Comicoffee

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