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Medals in London for Will Perrin and Brotherhood MMA

At Comicoffee we love to support some of our local sports groups and teams. One of those groups is Brotherhood MMA (mixed martial arts) from Ryde ( And this weekend, the Brotherhood MMA team travelled to London to compete in a major Grappling Industries tournament ( ).

In order to really help one of their members, Will Perrin, we covered his travel costs for the weekend trip to London, and we're proud to say that he had a great time and did really well in the Gi and NoGi competitions (that's with or without the traditional 'Gi' uniform). This was the post-comp writeup from Will:-

"Hi. I’m Will Perrin and I train with Brotherhood MMA in Ryde. This weekend my team and I traveled to London to compete in the Grappling Industries competition, Together we managed to take home five medals – two gold, two silver, and one bronze. I myself managed to get silver in Gi and no Gi. I trained hard before this competition to perform to the best of my abilities. I’m proud of all my team mates that did so well and of course, a huge thank you to Comicoffee for sponsoring me”

Well how cool is that? A huge well done to Will and the rest of the team, from all of us at Comicoffee. 🥈🥈 Yay!

Will and the team (Will on left in the medals pic).

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