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Sponsorship Announcement

We are delighted to support the Isle of Wight Basketball Team by supplying their awesome new kit for the up and coming NatWest International Island Games next month in Guernsey.

Times are hard for all businesses at the moment, but we always try and support other local groups, teams and ventures where we can.

Did you know?...

"The NatWest International Island Games started in 1985 on the Isle of Man and have taken place every 2 years since then. The Isle of Wight is a founder member and two-time host of the Games (1993 and 2011). The games have been dubbed by the media as the “Small Islands Olympics” and now comprises around 3000 competitors from 24 different Islands in 14 different sports, taking place over the course of 7 days. This is the only international multi-sport event at which competitors from the Isle of Wight can compete for their Island in its own right, rather than being part of a larger nation such as England or GB. The games give Island sportsmen and sportswomen a unique chance to experience international competition in a multi-sport games where they can compete alongside and against some of the very best in sport."

We're wishing the Isle of Wight team every success!

❤️❤️ from us all at Comicoffee

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