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Did you know we do vegan?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

At comicoffee we have always provided vegan options on our menus. And quite a few of our staff, and plenty of our regulars, are vegans. So there is often lots of ‘vegan’ conversation around the place. In a way, it’s all part of the Comicoffee buzz, where debates range from ecology and animal welfare to superheroes and tattoos.

And because of this interest, we're taking part in the Isle of Wight Vegan Lifestyle Show in Cowes on 15th October 2022. We’ll be there with lots of our hot and cold vegan food and drinks of course, but the big thing is all the interesting information about veganism that will be there on the day, plus lots of guest speakers including Chris Packham. So if you're interested in veganism, and want to get some deeper answers, why not come along to the event?

For full details, check out the Vegan Lifestyle Show website here:

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