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Events in General, Pinball Machines, and our Retro Gaming Night 21 May 2022

So, we've been doing quite a lot with our events organisation recently. On this website we now have quite a sweet system to promote events and sell tickets. Each event has a nice description, pictures and even the choice of multiple dates if required. See the latest events here.

And when we have an event, we do a nice writeup with a load of photos. Our last event was the brilliant Retro Gaming Night on 21 May 2022. You can see the full writeup here.

But what's next on our events agenda? Well, back in Feb 2020 we did a Pinball Night and it was very much enjoyed by all who attended. So (drum roll), we're planning another one very soon. And we're talking proper electro-mechanical pinball machines – all the noise, lights and smells of those heady days when all we wanted was a steel ball and a flipper button. Bliss. Watch out for more updates on our pinball night soon.

Big Love

Team Comicoffee

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